Buying a Frankie Trifecta Package includes what?
• The Frankie Trifecta package ($165 level) gives you tickets to the FRIDAY night SAVOY BALL, The SATURDAY night Stomp for Frankie & The SUNDAY night NYSDS (includes Master Class)
• Purchasing the Trifecta Package SAVES you over $60 off the door price (if you buy during the early bird period) and over $40 off the door price there after.
• $5 from every Frankie Trifecta package sold will go DIRECTLY to the Frankie Manning Foundation.
• You will also receive one RAFFLE ticket complimentary that you can submit to be in the running to win one of our fabulous prizes. see Benefit Raffle
• Video Footage of Frankie Manning. Special Vintage and Newer Clips of Frankie will be presented during two of our three nights and will include NEVER BEFORE SEEN footage of the master both dancing and teaching. NOT TO BE MISSED!

What is driving the prices for these events?
Friday Night’s Savoy Ball will be featuring an incredible 17 piece BIG BAND, Dinner and Open Bar, Special performances and tributes and being held in one of the most precious historic Ballrooms in NYC. All making this an incredible deal.

Saturday Night’s Stomp for Frankie will be featuring an incredible musical line up of All-Stars coming from across the country, specially enhanced lighting and sound along with visual effects, banners & dampening drapery, special performances and tributes all requiring a slightly higher than normal ticket price.

Sunday Night’s NYSDS will be featuring an a marvelous band, and a very special MASTER CLASS with Savoy Ballroom dancer George Sullivan joined by Harvest Moon Ball winner and NYSDS co-founder Margaret Batiuchok. It’s another wonderful deal.

How is the Frankie Trifecta related to Frankie 100?
The Frankie Trifecta was planned to accommodate the demand from those in New York and around the world who wish to celebrate Frankie’s Centennial, and were unable to obtain tickets to Frankie 100′s Three Night Package at Terminal 5.  Collectively and with the blessings of many local dancers, this team of producers prepared three alternative nights of celebrations and tributes for our local and international Frankie Fans. We support Frankie 100 but are not connected financially with them.

If I do not have tickets to Frankie 100, should I still travel to New York?  Of course.  On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, the Frankie Trifecta events will keep you dancing – until you are worn out.   Plus, there are many other Frankie 100 events that are open to the public – either free or by ticket, including a fabulous Apollo Theater Show on Thursday May 22nd and a Terminal 5 Event on Monday May 26th and many daytime events. We are also planning dance workshops during the daytime hours from Friday – Sunday. More details on these plans will be released shortly.
So, come to New York City and meet dancers from around the world.  And, New York City is a great place to dance – enjoy other dance venues with tango and salsa, and enjoy Broadway shows and jazz venues.

What are the main events coordinating with the Frankie Trifecta?
The Frankie Trifecta are the following three events:
FRIDAY May 23d – The Frankie Centennial Savoy Ball at the Edison Ballroom
SATURDAY May 24th – Stomp for Frankie, a Swingin’ Jubilee at the JCC in Manhattan
SUNDAY May 25th – Celebrating Frankie Dance – The New York Swing Dance Society

What if I or my partner do not dance? No worries!  These events are open to all kinds of attendee’s, from those who just like to hang, listen and watch to those that love to social dance. We’re a mixed collective of people who just happen to love the music that swings.

What is the dress code for these events?
This dress code for the Friday night is the most strict. Formal, Vintage, Swing Era, or similar fashions. No T-shirts, Jeans or Shorts please.

Do I need to be over 21?
For the Friday events, yes, and you may be carded at the door.